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  • David H. Freedman

    * Co-founder, president and executive editor of GLOBAL HEALTHCARE iNSIGHTS(GHCi)
    * Consultant of major academic medical centers such as Johns Hopkins, Harvard-associated Brigham and Women’s Hospital, New York University and McGill University
    DATE : November 21, 10:30~11:00 LOCATION : Grand Ballroom 101-102 * Invited Only
Healthcare's New Focus on Globalism

In spite of its enormous size and impact, the healthcare industry has always been a mostly local business, with most patients receiving care from providers based near them. But now healthcare is finally joining most other major industries in globalizing. Patients around the world are demanding higher quality and better value from providers, and many are willing to travel to other countries to get it.
And as demand for better healthcare grows in more regions, leading to more public and private investment in healthcare expansion, opportunities are springing up for advanced providers to enter these regions from afar to form partnerships and develop projects.
All this means that healthcare consumers, expertise and investment are now moving fluidly across borders.. This trend will only accelerate as technology makes it easier and more cost-effective to deliver some types of care remotely.