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Session 1 - New Paradigm of Global Healthcare Market - Hyper-connected Era

March 19th(Thu), 14:00~17:00, 203(Coex 2F)
  • Hee Hwang
    Professor, CIO
    Seoul National University Bundang Hospital
  • Laszlo Puczko
    CEO & Co-founder
    Health Tourism Worldwide
  • Duk-Yong Yoon
    Assistant professor
    Department of Biomedical Informatics / Ajou University School of Medicine
  • Raniero Pittini
    Head of Swiss Medtech Center
    Switzerland Innovation Park Biel/Bienne

Session 2 - Medical Tourism Industry in Hyper-connected Era - Future Growth Engine

March 19th(Thu), 13:30~16:00, 209(Coex 2F)
  • Dooah Choi
    Huraypositive Inc.
  • Jacinta Omeara
    Medical Network / Medigo Gmbh
  • SoYeon Jung
    Assistant Professor
    The W.A. Franke College of Business, School of Hotel and Restaurant Management / Northern Arizona University

Session 3 - Boundaryless 'Medical Service' - Care beyond Cure

March 20th(Fri), 10:30~13:00, 203(Coex 2F)
  • Ismael E Naypa, Jr
    Vice President
    Yanhee Hospital
  • Claudia Mika
    Founder & CEO
    Temos International Healthcare Accreditation
  • Ilan Geva
    Ilan Geva & Friends INC.
    Vice President of Corporate Strategy
    Corporate Strategy / Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC)
  • Christine Ahn
    Performance Improvement/
    Value Care Redesign- UCLA Health

Session 4 - Gaining Competitiveness by Improving Service Quality in Medical Tourism

March 20th(Fri), 13:30~17:30, 201(Coex 2F)
  • Ilan Geva
    Ilan Geva & Friends INC.
  • Laszlo Puczko
    CEO & Co-founder
    Health Tourism Worldwide
  • Serina Okamura
    Ilan Geva & Friends INC.
  • Joyce Socao-Alumno
    Associate Professor
    Health Service management / International University of Health & Welfare, Graduate School
  • Valorie Crooks
    Professor & Canada Research Chair
    Department of Geography / Simon Fraser University
  • Jin, Ki Nam
    Dept of Health Administration / Yonsei Univ
  • Jeet Dhindsa
    CEO & Founder
    Executive Team / ASTUTR(My Seoul Secret)
  • Rod Rothwell
    My Business Stories

Session 5 - Experiences and Values for Medical Tourism Marketing

March 20th(Fri), 15:00~18:00, 203(Coex 2F)
  • Althea Lim
    Gushcloud International
  • Prem Jagyasi
    CEO & MD
  • Sam peek
    Incredible Marketing
  • Josef Woodman
    Patients Beyond Borders

Session 9 - Networking of Global Healthcare Professionals

March 20th(Fri), 09:30~17:05, 205(Coex 2F)
  • Cho Woo mi
    Deputy Director
    Division of Global Gealth Care /Ministry of Health and Welfare
  • Park Guan Tae
    Surgery / Agape Christian Hospital
  • Sung Myung Whun
    Department of Otolaryngology /Seoul National University Hospital
  • Na young gi
    Division of Global Healthcare Education / KOHI(Korea Human Resource Development Institute for Health&Welfare)
  • Manuel Higginbotham
  • Jeong Jin Cheol
    Assistant Professor
    Vocational Education and Workforce Development Major / Seoul National University
  • Lee Soo Yeon
    Assistant Manager
    Division of Global Healthcare Education / KOHI(Korea Human Resource Development Institute for Health&Welfare)

Session 10 - Korea's Efforts in Achieving Global UHC(Universal Health Coverage)

March 19th(Thu), 09:00~15:00, 205(Coex 2F)
  • Jongsu, Ryu
    Former Director General
    Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service
  • Ebrahim Ali Al-Nawakhtha
    Secertary General
    Secretary General Office / Supreme Council of Health
  • Lydia Dsane Selby
    Chief Executive
    National Health Insurance Authority

Session 11 - Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) in Healthcare Industry

March 19th(Thu), 14:30~17:30, 210(Coex 2F)
  • Hong-Joon Chun
    Chairman of the board
    Board of Directors / GOOD NEWS WORLD
    Director of Hospital
    Gynecologist / Seoul Women's Hospital
  • Masaharu Nobuyoshi
    Commissioned Doctor
    Internal Medicine /
    Nagasaki Prefecture Medical Health Operating Group
  • Phyo Wai Htun
    In-Charge of Medical Officers
    Medical Department, Trust Oo Social Enterprise
  • Samai Sirithongthaworn
    The Deputy Director-General
    Department of Mental Health, Ministry of Public Health

Session 14 - Global Frontier to Indochina Region for Korean Dentists

March 20th(Fri), 13:10~18:00, 209(Coex 2F)
  • Ha Nguyen
    Vice President
    Vietnam Odonto-Stomatology
  • Kor Hok Sim
    Vice Dean
    Faculty of Dentistry, International University
  • Myint Htain
    General Secretary
    Myanmar Dental Association
  • Kyou-Hwa Park
    Point Implant
  • Hong-Cheol Yoon

Session 15 - 2020 Global Conference on Latest Physical Therapy Trend

March 20th(Fri), 09:30~18:00, VIVACE(InterContinental Hotel B1F)
  • Duncan Reid
    Professor of Physiotherapy
    Physiotherapy / Auckland University of Technology
    International instructor / Director
    Japanese Society for Research in Ueda therapy
  • Shane Patman
    Associate Dean(Associate Professor)
    School of Physiotherapy /
    The University of Notre Dame Australia
  • Ariunaa Khadbaatar
    Mongolian Physical Therapy Association
  • Frederic Delacour
    Internatinal Trainer, Winback Academy President
    Physiotherapy and osteopathy /
    Winback Academy, InPhysio

Session 16 - Medical Application using 3D Printing Technology

March 19th(Thu), 09:30~17:00, VIVACE(InterContinental Hotel B1F)
  • Goo Hyun Woo
    Radiology / Asan Medical Center
  • Moon In Seok
    Associate Professor
    department of Otorhinolaryngology / Yonsei university health system
  • Song Mi Kyung
    Assistant Professor
    Department of pediatrics, division of cardiology / Seoul National University Children’s Hospital
  • Baek Jung Hwan
    Chief Director
    H Plastic Surgery
  • Byun Seok-Soo
    Seoul National University Bundang Hospital
  • Ho Chaw Sing
    Managing Director, NAMIC Singapore
    Adjunct Associate Professor
    Nanyang Technological University – NTUitive Pte Ltd
  • Sang Joon Park
  • Yang-Guk Chung
    Department of Orthopedic Surgery / Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital, The Catholic University of Korea
  • Alexander Liu
    Head of Additive Manufacturing Programs, APAC Region ASTM International
  • Jin Ah Jang
    Assistant Professor
    Creative IT Engineering / Postech