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The Korea Health Industry Development Institute (referred as KHIDI) is a government-affiliated institution which carries out the systematic and professional support for the improvement of public health and enhancement of the international competitiveness in the health industry.

KHIDI, since its establishment in 1999, has been recognized as a healthcare leading institute of Korea significantly contributing to medical services, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, beauty service & cosmetics, senior-friendly industry, inbound and outbound of global medical services, etc.

The world market size for the healthcare Industry is about USD 10 trillion as of 2017. Furthermore, in accordance with the ‘Bio-Health Innovation Strategy,’ recently suggested by the Korea government, it is a promising industry with great potential for future growth, employment, and positive contribution to improving public health.

As the president of KHIDI, I will fully take responsibilities on development of innovative policies for job creation through hearing diverse voices of experts in the field, and establishment of new industrial policies such as ICT convergence, precision medicine, and big data on healthcare, in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Additionally, I will do my best for KHIDI to play a pivotal role in strengthening R&D’s publicness, professionalism, and fairness. In parallel, KHIDI will endeavor to continually disseminate information on cure for Alzheimer's or infectious diseases etc to actualize 'human-centered R&D'.

KHIDI will reinforce our services such as funding start-ups and attracting investment, so that technologies and innovative ideas in the field of healthcare industry can be made into products. At the same time, we will also strengthen our support for export of medical devices and cosmetics industries as well as suggesting new models for creating global new drugs through the performance of Artificial Intelligence Development Support Center.

Through the business on attracting foreign patients, KHIDI will expand the market of Korea medical services into the global market through strengthening infrastructure by managing the hosting hospital and enhancing patient convenience, focusing on international bidding support, and intergovernmental cooperation in the field of healthcare.

Internally, KHIDI is aim to innovate our organizational culture by ‘active collaboration’ and ‘use of collective intelligence’ through ‘collaborating between departments.’ In addition, we will take the lead in the fulfill social values, such as taking full responsibility of governmental institutions to improve their integrity and contribute to the community.

I truly look forward and appreciate your continuous support. Thank you very much.

President Kwon, Deok-cheol Ph.D.