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2019 Schedule

Session Date
Session 1 New Paradigm of Global Healthcare Market 13:00
Session 2 Global Exchange in Medical Education System 14:00
Session 3 Quality Management Strategy for International Patients 15:00
Academic Exchange Date
Session 7 Present and Future on Preventive Dentistry

(Korean Dental Association, Korean Dental Hygienists Association)


Session Date
Session 4 Quality Management Strategy for Foreign Patients 11:00
Session 5 Online Marketing Strategy for Healthcare Industry 10:30
Session 6 Innovation in Medical & Wellness Tourism Market

(Global Healthcare Research Center, Yonsei University)

Academic Exchange Date
Session 8 Congress of Endocrine Surgery in Eurasia Continent and Korean Association of Thyroid-Endocrine Surgeons

(Korean Association of Thyroid and Endocrine Surgeons(KATES))

Session 9 Collaborative Planning for the Treatment of Elite Athletes of Korea & Mongolia

(Society of Ligament & Tendon Injury(SOLTI))

Session 10 The Role of Korean Medicine for the treatment of Intractable Diseases

(The Society of Korean Medicine)


Medical Industry

[Session1] Global Healthcare Market trend in Asia
Date/Venue 5. 9(Wed) PM 13:30~16:00(Harmony Ball room1)
Main Contents Trend analysis of medical market by countries(Korea, China, Japan, Russia, and etc.), focusing on current status and policy.

① (Panel Discussion) Moderator’s Question → Each Panel(Speaker)’s Answer → Moderator’s Summary

② (Question & Answer) Real-Time Q&A for field attendees

Time Contents
13:30~13:35 Opening Address and Speaker Introduction

* Introduce discussion process and ways to participate in Q&A

Discussion topic presentation (Moderator) → Answer (Panel : Speaker)

· (Question 1) → (Answer 1) → (Summary and Next Question ), Moderator’s question and Summary 5 minutes + 4 Speakers x 5 minutes : Average 45 minutes per question

  • Policy
    (25 minutes)

    Question 1 (Moderator)

    Policy for globalizing healthcare : Korea, China, Japan, Russia

    Answer 1 (Panel)

    Panels answer and suggest opinions(within 5 minutes each)

    Summary 1 (Moderator)

    Summary of Discussion by each subject(question) and next question

  • Trend
    (25 minutes)

    Question 2 (Moderator)

    Trends in overseas medical expansion and attracting foreign patients by countries
    Current trend(Inbound & Outbound trend)

    Answer & Summary (Same procedure as above)

  • Issue
    (25 minutes)

    Question 3

    Major issues in Healthcare by countries : Korea, China, Japan, Russia
    Issue(Problems encountered, quality & marketing issue)

    Answer & Summary (Same procedure as above)

  • Policy
    (25 minutes)

    Question 4

    Strategy to develop against major issues : Korea, China, Japan, Russia
    Strategy to overcome the problems

    Answer & Summary (Same procedure as above)

(20 minutes)
Q & A – Field Participants
Collecting audience inquiries in advance* and selecting 3 questions

* Collecting inquiries from the audience during the panel discussion through SMS

(5 minutes)
Q&A Summary and Closing

Medical Overseas Expansion

[Session5] Digital Healthcare Global Strategy Forum
Date/Venue 5. 9(Wed) PM 13:00~16:15(Harmony Ball room 3)
Main Contents Licensing trends and Case studies of advanced countries for digital healthcare overseas expansion
Time Contents
12:30~13:00 Registration
13:00~13:20 Opening address
Congratulatory Speech
Session 1. Digital Healthcare licensing and approval status of major countries
13:20~13:50 Digital healthcare authorization, examination and regulation status of major developed countries
13:50~14:20 Software trial evaluation (validation) for digital healthcare license of major developed countries
14:20~14:50 Preparing to acquire US FDA licensing and experience sharing of domestic digital healthcare companies
14:50~15:05 Coffee Break
Session 1. Digital healthcare expansion experience and strategy
15:05~15:45 Share expansion experiences and strategies in digital healthcare in Latin America
15:45~16:15 Share experience of Oprating Mongolian pre and post - management center

Special Session : Korea-China Mutual Cooperation, Academic Exchange

National Cancer Center
[Session7] Forum for Korea-China Collaboration on Cancer Control
Date/Venue 5. 9.(Wed) AM 09:30~18:00(Allegro)
Main Contents Mutual Benchmarking Forum between Korea and China through Academic Exchange and Cooperation in Policy, Clinical and R & D in Cancer Therapy and Management
Time Contents
09:30~09:40 Welcoming Address(Eunsook Lee, Director, National Cancer Center)
Opening Address(Jianhui Ma, Assistant Director, National Cancer Center of China)
Session 1 : Development of cancer burden status and management strategy
09:40~10:10 Korean Cancer Status Youngjoo Won(Central Cancer Registration Division, National Cancer Center of Korea)
10:10~10:40 Chinese Cancer Status Wenqiang Wei(Deputy Director, Cancer Registration Center, National Cancer Center of China)
10:40~11:10 Q&A / Coffee Break
11:10~11:40 Cancer Management Project Performance and Plan in Korea(Cancer registration, early screening, prevention, palliative care) Yoonjung Chang(Director of cancer management business, National Cancer Center of Korea)
11:40~12:10 Cancer Management Project Performance and Plan in China(Cancer registration, early screening, prevention, palliative care) MIn Dai(Director, Dept. of Int’l Communications, National Cancer Center of China)
12:10~13:30 Q&A / Lunch Break
Session 2 : Status of Precision Medical Implementation using Cancer Big Data
13:30~14:00 Status of Cancer Big Data in Korea Jeawook Lee(Cancer Data Center, National Cancer Center of Korea)
14:00~14:30 Status of Cancer Big Data in China Zhouguang Hui(Director, Vip Department, National Cancer Center of China)
14:30~15:00 Precision Medical Status in Korea Kyonghwa Park(Associate Professor of Oncology, Korea University College of Medicine)
15:00~15:30 Precision Medical Status in China Jianming Ying(Deputy Director, Dept. of Molecular Pathology, National Cancer Center of China)
15:30~15:50 Discussion / Coffee Break
Session 3 : Cancer-Related Immunotherapy
15:50~16:20 Cancer-Related Immunotherapy in Korea Hyeonseok Eom(Head, Center for Hematologic Malignancy, NCC Korea)
16:20~16:50 Cancer-Related Immunotherapy in China Yu Wang(Deputy Director, Oncology Laboratory General Hospital of PLA)
16:50~17:20 The Latest Trend of Immunotherapy Cell Therapy in Korea Youngjee Lee(Cell Therapy Clinic, National Cancer Center of Korea)
17:20~17:50 The Latest Trend of Immunotherapy Cell Therapy in China Jie Wang(Deputy Director, Dept. of Medical Oncology, National Cancer Center of China)
17:50~18:00 Session Summary and Closing Address(Eunsook Lee, Director, National Cancer Center of Korea)

Special Session : Korea-China Mutual Cooperation, Academic Exchange

[Session8] Korea-China Medical Robot Forum
Date/Venue 5. 9.(Wed) AM 09:45~18:20(Harmony Ball room 2)
Main Contents Share medical robots clinical results and research contents between Korean and Chinese medical staffs
Time Contents
09:45~10:00 Opening remarks
10:00∼10:30 The effects of Morning Walk-assisted gait training for patients with
subacute stroke Chun, Minho(Professor, Rehabilitation medicine, Asan Medical Center, Seoul)
10:30∼11:00 Experience of neurosurgical robot system at Severance Hospital for stereotactic and functional neurosurgery Chang, Jinwoo(Professor, Neurosurgery, Yonsei Severance Hospital)
11:00∼11:30 Experience of neurosurgical robot system at Samsung Medical Center for stereotactic and functional neurosurgery Lee, JungIl(Professor, Neurosurgery, Samsung Medical Center, Seoul)
11:30∼12:00 The tread of the medical robot industry in China Zhang, Jing(Secretary General, China-Korea Medical Robot Development Association)
12:00∼13:00 Lunch
13:00∼13:30 The use of medical robot in Thyroid Surgery Summary Jia, Xingdong(Dean, Department of Thyroid Surgery, Beijing Hope Medicare)
13:30∼14:00 The use and development of robot in Neurosurgery Li, Yangjiang(Professor, Neurosurgery, Punan Hospital)
14:00∼14:30 Digital rehabilitation technology and Neofect Ban, Hoyoung(CEO, Noefect)
14:30∼14:40 Coffee Break
14:40∼15:10 Development and Clinical Application of CT-Guided Needle Insertion Robot Seo, JoonBeom(Professor, Radiology, Asan Medical Center, Seoul)
15:10∼15:40 Experience of Robotic Surgery at Yonsei Severance 19,000 Cases Rha, Koonho(Professor, Urology, Yonsei University Hospital)
15:40 ~ 16:10 Surgical Robotics Research in China and Recent Achievements Xu, Kai(Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong)
16:10 ~ 16:40 Flexible Endoscopic Surgery Robot Hwang, Minho(Research Fellow, EasyEndo Surgical)
16:40 ~ 16:50 Coffee Break
16:50 ~ 17:20 Current Situation and Prospect of Lower Limb Rehabilitation Robot Gao, Qiang(Dean, Department of Rehabilitation, West China Hospital)
17:20 ~ 17"50 Global medical device training center for minimally invasive surgical systems Lee, Donghyuk(Professor, Biomedical Engineering, Gil Medical Center, Gachon University College of Medicine))
17:50∼18:20 Free discussion and organizing Yi, Byung-Ju(Professor, Hanyang University)

Special Session : Korea-China Mutual Cooperation, Academic Exchange

Korean Dental AssociationㆍKorean Academy of DentalㆍKorean Dental Hospital Association
[Session10] Korea-China Dental Conference
Date/Venue 5. 9.(Wed) AM 10:00~16:00(Vivace)
Main Contents Introduction of Korea-China Dental Academic Exchange in the 4th Industrial Revolution era, Dental Medical Overseas Advancement, and Korea-China Cooperation Plan for Future Dental Medical
Time Contents
Session1 : Promote academic exchanges between Korea and China for the future dental development and Case study of overseas expansion
Opening Declaration and Opening Congratulatory Address(Undefined)
10:00∼10:30 International cooperation research and case of dental field of Beijing University Chuanbin Guo(Professor, Somatology, Peking Univ.)
10:30∼11:00 Looking for directions for cooperation between Korea and China through cases of dental medical overseas expansion (Saudi Arabia) (1) Seungyun Shin(Professor, Kyung Hee University Dental College)
11:00∼11:30 Looking for directions for cooperation between Korea and Chin through cases of overseas dental expansion(China) (2) Chung Soon Kyu(Director, Guangzhou Ruide Dental Hospital)
11:30∼12:00 Cooperation plan between Korea and China dental health service Qingguo Qi(CEO, Keen dental Hospital)
12:00∼12:10 Q & A
Lunch Break
Session 2 : Korea-China Cooperation for Future Dental Medical Industry Development
13:30∼14:00 Collaboration plan for supporting institution for future dental development Bukyu Lee(Professor, Asan Medical Center, Seoul)
14:00∼14:30 Understand the status of Chinese dental medical industry Baolin Fan(Senior Engineer, Peking Univ.)
14:30∼15:00 Announcing cases of Chinese dental medical industry entry and seeking export strategy Jemo Ahn(CEO, Spident)
15:00∼15:30 Activation plan for mutual growth of dental medical industry in China Fangjun Tian(CEO, Bondent Group)
15:30∼16:00 Panel Discussion
Closing Declaration(Undefined)

International Medical Promotion Team

[Session2] Quality Management Strategy for Foreign Patients
Date 5. 10(Thu) AM 11:00~13:00
Venue Intercontinental Seoul COEX, Harmony Ball room2
Main Contents Hospital CS(Customer Service) and Concierge strategies to improve the quality of medical service for domestic and overseas foreign patients
Time Contents
11::00∼11:10 Opening Declaration and Speaker Introduction(Moderator)
11:10∼11:55 Treatment of international patients
Speaker : Seonkyung Park <Team leader, Soonchunhyang University Bucheon Hospital QI(Quality Imrpovement) team)>
Speaker : Lutz Lungwitz <President, German Medical Wellness Association>
12:35∼12:55 Q&A
12:55∼13:00 Closing Declaration(Moderator)

Attracting Foreign Patients

[Session3] Marketing Strategy for Healthcare Industry
Date/Venue 5. 10(Thu) AM 14:00~17:30(Harmony Ball room2)
Main Contents As a part of the quality management of medical services to attract foreign patients, introduce establishing medical BI(Brand Identity) and online marketing strategies
Time Contents
14::00∼14:05 Opening Declaration(Moderator : Kinam Jin, Professor)
14:05∼14:40 Culture & Adverstising Kinam Jin (Professor, Yonsei Univ.)
14:40∼15:50 Structuring strategic medical branding and promotional contents Ilan Geva(CEO, Ilan Geva & Friends)
15:50∼16:00 Coffee Break
16:00∼17:10 HOW TO WRITE A BRAND STORY THAT DOESN'T HURT YOUR BRAND Maria Kniazeva(Professor, Univ. of San Diego)
17:10∼17:25 Q&A
17:25∼17:30 Closing declaration(Moderator : Kinam Jin)

* Future topics can be changed and session can be added depending on future speakers

Overseas expansion

[Session6] Korean Medicine’s Marketing Strategy and Case Study for Overseas Expansion
Date/Venue 5. 10(Thu) PM 14:00~18:00(Diamond)
Main Contents Strategies and Case study to promote Korean medicine’s overseas expansion
Time Contents
14:00∼14:10 Opening Declaration and Speaker Introduction(Moderator)
14:10∼14:30 Award ceremony for Korean medicine’s organizations participating in the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics
14:30∼15:10 Current Status of traditional medicine market in Europe and Korean medicine’s expansion case and strategies
Speaker : Medipol Mega University Hospital (Eunsang Jeon, professor)
15:10∼15:50 The status of integrated medical research in the US and strategies for Korean medicine’s expansion
Speaker : Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (Hyeongjun Yun, researcher)
15:50∼16:30 Healthcare status of Vietnam market and strategies for expansion of Korean medicine
16:30∼16:40 Coffee Break
16:40∼17:20 Success stories of alternative medicine hospitals in the Middle East
Speaker : Holistic Healing Medical Center (Dr. Ludmila Vassiliena)
17:20∼18:00 Kazakhstanian herbal medicine entry strategy
Speaker : Chung-Yeon Medical Institute (Jongseung Park, Director)
18:00 Closing Declaration(Moderator)

Special Session : Korea-China Mutual Cooperation, Academic Exchange

The Korean Society of Coloproctology
[Session9] Korea-China Colorectal Symposium
Date/Venue 5. 10(Thu) PM 13:00~18:10(Jupiter)
Main Contents Current status of colon cancer treatment in Korea and China, latest treatment methods, expansion of exchanges between the two countries
Time Contents
13:00∼13:10 Opening remarks(Woo Yong LEE, Jin GU)
Session 1 : Multidisciplinary treatment of rectal cancer
Moderator : Woo Yong LEE(Sungkyunkwan Univ., Korea), Jin GU(Peking Univ., China)
13:10∼13:40 Multidisciplinary treatment in Korea In Ja Park(Professor, Ulsan Univ.)
13:40∼14:10 Multidisciplinary treatment in China Jin Gu(Peking Univ., China)
14:10∼14:40 Treatment of rectal cancer patient after clinical complete response Hyung Jin Kim(Professor, Catholic Univ.)
14:40∼15:10 Strategies in advacned rectal cancer management in China Gong Chen(Sun Yat-sen Univ., China)
15:10∼15:30 Coffee Break
Session 2 : Minimally Invasive in colorectal cancer
Moderator : Seong-Taek OH, Joe K. M. FAN
15:30∼16:00 Status of MIS of colorectal cancer in Korea Suk-Hwan Lee(Professor, Kyunghee Univ.)
16:00∼16:30 Current status of Natural Orifice Specimen Extraction Surgery(NOSES)in China Xishan Wang(Professor, Chinese National Cancer Center, China)
16:30∼17:00 Robotic surgery in Colorectal caner Byungso Min(Professor, Yonsei Univ.)
17:00∼17:30 Current status of MIS for CRC treatment in China Chuan-Gang FU(Professor, Shanghai East Hospital, China)
17:30∼18:00 MIS education in China Joe King Man FAN(The Univ. of Hong Kong, China)
18:00∼18:10 Closing remarks

Attracting Foreign Patients

[Session4] Global Healthcare Policy & Management Forum : “Korea as a Medical Tourism Destination from Foreign Expert’s Perspective”
Date/Venue 5. 11(Fri) AM 09:30~13:00(Allegro)
Main Contents As a part of the quality management of medical services for attracting foreign patients, establishing a medical brand and introducing online marketing strategy
Time Contents
  Opening Declaration and Speaker Introduction(Moderator: Kinam Jin, Professor)
09:30~10:00 What did we miss in marketing Korea as a Health Tourism Destination?
Speaker : Ki-nam, Jin(Professor, Yonsei Univ.)
10:00~10:30 How to attract Chinese medical tourists
Speaker : Hou Shengtian(Prof., Beijing University of Chinese Medicine)
10:30~11:00 The European View: Is there a strategy for Korea to attract European patients and wellness tourists?
Speaker : Friedhelm Schnitzler(International Health Management Consulting)
11:00~11:20 Coffee Break
11:20~11:50 Medical Travel Decisions: Foreign Consumers & “Korea” as a Destination Brand
Speaker : Irving Stackpole(CEO, Stackpole & Associates, Inc.)
11:50~12:20 The city and health tourism with special reference to Korea
Speaker : Mike Douglas(Professor, University of Hawaii)
12:20~12:50 Q&A
12:50~13:00 Closing Declaration(Moderator : Kinam Jin, Professor)