Medical Korea 2017

Title Medical Korea 2017
- The 8th Global Healthcare & Medical Tourism Conference
Theme Global Healthcare: New Challenge & Insights for the future
Date November 21(Tue.) ~ 22(Wed.), 2days
Venue Coex Convention Center, Seoul, Korea
Host/Organizer Ministry of Health and Welfare, Korea
Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI)
Sponsor Daegu Metropolitan City
Jeju free International City Development Center
Korea International Medical Association
Attendee 3,255 from 31 Countries
Language Korean, English
Program G2G Summit, Confernce, Exhibition, Business Meeting, FAM Tour and etc.

TRACK 1. Global Healthcare Industry Date & Time Room
Policy & Issue ① Trend & Issues of Medical Tourism Market Nov. 21
Grand Ballroom
② Global Trends of Traditional Medicine Nov. 22
③ Strategic Models for Developing Global Medical Training Program Nov. 21
Foresight & Innovation ④ Global Strategic Forum For Digital Healthcare Nov. 21
⑤ Medical Application and Trends of ICT Convergence Technology Nov. 22
⑥ Global Bio-health Cluster Forum Nov. 21
TRACK 2. Medical Tourism Date & Time Room
Strategy & Marketing ⑦ Place Branding in Global Healthcare Market Nov. 21
Service Infra ⑧ Regional Development of Medical & Wellness Tourism Nov. 22
⑨ Growth Strategy and Competitiveness of Leading Medical Tourism Facilitators & Hospitals Nov. 22
⑩ Korean healthcare policy for Hospitals Serving Foreign patients Nov. 22
TRACK 3. Global Expansion of Healthcare Services Date & Time Room
Strategy & Marketing ⑪ Global Healthcare Markets at a glance : Tracking Healthcare Policies, Issues, Trends and Infrastructure in Eurasia Nov. 21
⑫ Global Mobility Strategy for Healthcare Professionals Nov. 22
⑬ GHKOL Strategic Forum for Medical Overseas Expansion Nov. 21
Foresight & Innovation ⑭ Strategies for Exporting Korean Healthcare Systems to the Middle East Nov. 21
⑮ Outlook for China’s Healthcare Market Nov. 22
⑯ Presentation on International Competitive Bids for the Health Projects Nov. 22
Special TRACK Special Session Date & Time Room
Special Session 1 ⑰ PyeongChang Winter Olympic Participants & Medial Tourism Nov. 22
Grand Ballroom
Special Session 2 ⑱ Current status of the advanced treatment of Assisted Reproductive Technology(ART) in Korea Nov. 22 09:30~11:30 E1


  • David H. Freedman

    * Co-founder, president and executive editor of GLOBAL HEALTHCARE iNSIGHTS(GHCi)
    * Consultant of major academic medical centers such as Johns Hopkins, Harvard-associated Brigham and Women’s Hospital, New York University and McGill University
    DATE : November 21, 10:30~11:00 LOCATION : Grand Ballroom 101-102 * Invited Only

Session 1

  • Kinam Jin

    Professor, Health Administration, Univ of Yonsei
  • Neil Lunt

    Professor, Social Policy & Social Work, Univ of York
  • Josef Woodman

    CEO, Patients Beyond Borders
  • Keith Pollard

    Managing Editor, International Medical Travel Journal(IMTJ)
  • Sherene Azli

    CEO, Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council(MHTC)
  • Irina Zdorovenina

    Senior marketing manager, Vernal Company
  • Jian Yang

    CEO, SHMTPPP(Shanghai Medical tourism Products & Promotion Platform)

Session 2

  • Seongho Moon

    Global medical doctor, Korea International Cooperation Agency(KOICA)
  • Liubov Petrova

    Associate professor, Pacific State Medical University
  • Robert S. Lee

    President, Korean Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine Association of New York
  • Yexin Lu

    Deputy Director, State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, PRC.

Session 3

  • Koon Ho Rha

    Professor, Yonsei University Health System
  • Lynette Teo

    Program Director and Senior Consultant, National University of Singapore (NUS),
    Department of Radiology
  • Oyunchimeg Dalkhjav

    Program Director and Senior Consultant, National University Health System

    Consultant Kidney Transplant Surgeon Deputy Director Multi-Organ Transplant Center (MOTC) & Head of Surgical Kidney Transplant Unit, Prince Sultan Military Medical City (PSMMC)

Session 4

  • Rong-Min Baek

    Professor, Seoul National University Bundang Hospital
  • -

  • Min Sung Kim

    Director, Healthcare Division, Korea Telecom
  • Sang Ho Lee

    CEO, HealthMax
  • Jae Hyung Cho

    Associate Professor, Dept. of Endocrinology, Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital, The Catholic University of Korea
  • Se Young Jung

    Professor, Seoul National University Bundang Hospital
  • Yoon Sup Choi

    Co-Founder, Managing Partner, Digital Healthcare Partners
  • Soo-Yeob Hyun

    Expert on Social Policy, Social Development Division, UN ESCAP
  • Iv Vycheth

    Chief of dept, Neurosurgery and Telemedicine, Preah kossamak Hospital
  • Thanh Long Giang

    "Director, Institute of Public Policy and Management(IPPM), National Economics University(NEU)"

Session 5

  • Dong-wook Rha

    Rehabilitation medicine Yonsei University
  • Joon Beom Seo

    Radiology, Asan Medical Center
  • Joon-Kyung Seong

    Biomedical Engineering, Korea University
  • Joon Ho Wang

    Orthopaedic surgery, Seoul Samsung Medical Center
  • In Sik Yun

    Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Yonsei University
  • Sanghoon Lee

    Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Yonsei University
  • Ui-Lyong Lee

    Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Chung-Ang University Hospital
  • Kyu-Hwan Jung

    Chief Technology Officer, Medical Imaging, VUNO Inc.
  • Jaesoon Choi

    Asan Medical Center
  • Woo Jin Hyung

    Surgery Yonsei University College of Medicine
  • Jongrak Hong

    Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Samsung Medical Center
  • Lun-Jou Lo

    Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Chang Gung University
  • Stéphane Cotin

    Research Director, Head of the MIMESIS team

Session 6

  • Seung Hee HAN

    Scientist & Professor, Prince Margaret Cancer Center, UHN Department of Bio&Medical Physics, University of Toronto

    CEO, TCELS(Thailand Center of Excellence for Life Sciences)

    Trade Commissioner, Australian Trade and Investment Commission
  • Caroline ADENBERGER

    Commissioner, Commercial Attache
  • Gu Sun PARK

    Director General, Department of Strategy Planning, Osong Medical Innovation Foundation
  • Kyu Ho SONG

    Chief of Strategy Planning Department, Daegu-Gyeongbuk Medical Innovation Foundation

Session 7

  • Ilan Geva

    CEO,Ilan Geva & Friends
  • Maria Kniazeva

    Professor, Univ of San Diego
  • Kyounghoon Harrison Kim

    Head, Google Marketing Solutions, Korea
  • Byung Il Lee

    CEO, HBA Co.,Ltd
  • Michael Bobrove

    CEO, HealthyTokyo
  • Yoon He Choi

    CEO, Brand&Company

Session 8

  • Kinam Jin

    Professor, Health Administration, Univ of Yonsei
  • -

  • Jinhee Oh

    Consul, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Lim Chee Han

    Senior Analyst, Penang Institute in Malaysia
  • John Connell

    Professor, School of Geosciences, University of Sydney
  • Melanie Smith

    Associate Professor and Researcher, Univ of Applied Sciences in Budapest

Session 9

  • David H. Freedman

    Co-Founder / President and executive editor, GHCi
  • Evgeniy Chernyshev

    Co-founder and Partnership Programs Director, Medical Tourism Agencies Association
  • Lee Hwang

    President , Ascle InterMed
  • Andreas Braun

    CEO, Healthy-Consulting, Germany
  • Kotaro Tanaka

    Manager, International Medical Affairs Department, The Cancer Institute Hospital of JFCR
  • James Bae

    Regional Manager, International Programs, The University of Chicago Medicine

Session 10

  • Cheolho Choi

  • Hyoungcheol Jo

  • Hyunsuck Jung

  • Jungea Shin

Session 11

  • Michael Yugay

    CEO, International Medical Cluster Foundation
  • TBD

  • Aiman Iskakova

    Deputy of General Director, Republican Center For Health Development
  • Askar Khoroshash

    The deputy head, Health Department of the Karaganda region
  • Ki Young Na

    Chief Executive of the Office of External Affairs , Seoul National University Bundang Hospital
  • Dong Hun Yun

    General Manager, Inha University Hospital

Session 12

  • 장향미

    Professor, Kyungdong University
  • Ducksun Ahn

    Professor, College of Medicine, Korea University
  • Yeokyung Yoon

    Healthcare Market Development Analyst, Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center

Session 13

  • Joo Young Moon

    Director, MStone Partners Limited Hong Kong
  • Jiwon Ha

    Senior Associate, Corporate Commercial, Al Tamimi & Co.
  • Yeokyung Yoon

    Healthcare Market Development Analyst, Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center
  • Kwangyoung Kim

    KOICA Advisor, Dept. of Health Service Support, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand
  • Chang Hwan Choi

    CEO, Beijing Parallel World consulting
  • Yoo Seung Lee

    CEO, Asia Dental Partner.,co.Ltd

Session 14

  • Seon-Wan Ki

    Professor, International St. Mary's hospital
    College of Medicine, Catholic Kwandong University
  • Minjung Park

    Head, Skeikh Khalifa Specialty Hospital
  • Seyoung Jung

    Assistant professor, Seoul National University Bundang Hospital
  • Claudia Palme

    Director, 55east
  • Kemal Hatip

  • Laheeb AL-Mutwalli

    Director, Lam Management Consultancy

Session 15

  • Zhaotang Ma

    Deputy Director, Taizhou Medical Hi-Tech Zone
  • Lei Huang

    General manager, China Health International Travel Service
  • Yi Ding

    Manager, Mingyizhudao

Session 16

  • ManKi Kim

    Professor, Sungshin Women’s University
  • Heinz G Schlipf

    Professor, Sungshin Women’s University
  • Jong Inn Kim

    (Former) Asian Development Bank (ADB)
  • Nguyen Thi Linh Giang

    Deputy Head / Public Private Partnership Office under Public Procurement Agency
  • David Heeteck Kim

    Professor, Joongang University Graduate School of Construction
  • Aye Mya Aung

    CEO, Sunday Group Myanmar
  • 김창환 박사

Special Session 1

  • Changwan Hong

    Associated Professor, School of Medicine, Pusan National University
  • Su Jin Kim

    Research Professor, Urology, Catholic University
  • Younghee Lee

    Professor, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Yonsei University Wonju College of Medicine CMO, IOC Medical Committee Game Group, 2018 PyeongChang
  • Jungjoong Yoon

    Rehabilitation Medicine Doctor, Medical science dept., Korean Sports & Olympic Committee
  • 하철원

  • Taegyu Kim

    Assistant Professor, Dept. of Marine Sports, Pukyong National University
  • Bo-Ae Lee

    Researcher, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Pusan National University School of Medicine
  • Sae Yong Lee

    Department of Physical Education, Yonsei University
  • Eunkuk Kim

    Professor, Dept. of Physical Education, Korea National Sports University
  • Seung-Pyo Eun

    Director, Department of orthopedics, Korea Orthopedic Clinic
  • Seok-Chan Yoon

    Professor, School of Law, Pusan National University
  • Chang-Bae Kong

    Faculty, Orthopaedic Surgery, Korea Cancer Center Hospital
  • Sang-hoon Lee

    President of the Hospital, Sports Medicine, CM General Hospital

Special Session 2

  • Kwang-Rae Kim

    MizMedi Hospital
  • Na-Young Kim

    MizMedi Hospital
  • Chang-Woo Choo

    Seoul Maria Fertility Hospital
  • Sun-Hwa Cha

    CheilHospital Dankook University
  • E-Jung Han

    Fertility Center of CHA Gangnam Medical Center, CHA University