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  • Laszlo Puczko

    Director of Industry Intelligence, Resources for Leisure Assets
  • Jude C. Uzonwanne

    Principal, Strategy &Transaction Advisory, Asia Pacific, IQVIA
  • Wookyun Kho

    Co-CEO, Business Development MediBloc Inc.
  • Jan Herzhoff

    Managing Director, APAC Health, Elsevier

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  • Hong Sik Lee

    Dean, Korea University College of Medicine
  • Dae-chul Jeong

    Professor, The Catholic University of Korea College of Medicine
  • Jwa-Seop Shin

    Professor, Seoul National University College of Medicine
  • Talgat Nurgozhin

    President, S. Asfendiarov Kazakh National Medical University
  • Aynabat Seyitmedova

    Director of International Scientific-Educational Center, International Scientific-Educational Center, Ministry of Health and Medical Industry of Turkmenstan
  • Maral Shyhlyyeva

    Director of faculty of pediatrics, Faculty of pediatrics/State Medical University of Turkmenistan
  • Laziz N. Tuychiev

    President, Tashket Medical Academy

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  • Matthew Ginsberg-Jaeckle

    Manager, Global Patient Services, Shirley Ryan AbilityLab
  • SeungGul Lee

    Assistant Manager, KHIDI
  • Angela Moreno Gaby

    Senior Market Analyst, Multiply Marketing Consultancy
  • llan Geva

    President, Ilan Geva & Friends Inc.

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  • Jan Herzhoff

    Managing Director, APAC Health, Elsevier
  • Kakabay Shagulyyev

    Acting Chairman of Reforms Analysis and New Technologies Department, Ministry of Health and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan
  • Eunsol Lee

    Co-CEO, MediBloc Inc.
  • Sanguk Cho

    Director, INFINITT Healthcare
  • Dongyeong Lee


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  • David O’Brien

    Director, International Healthcare, Flywire
  • Stephen Chang

    CEO, Humanscape
  • Ievgen Khotianov

    Co-Founder & CEO, Bookimed Limited
  • Jacinta O'Meara

    Global Network Director, MEDIGO GmbH
  • Feng Li

    Director, PPL NETWORKS

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  • Laszlo Puczko

    Director of Industry Intelligence, Resources for Leisure Assets
  • Shengtian Hou

    Professor, School of Management
    Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM)
  • Valorie Crooks

    Professor, Department of Geography, Simon Fraser University
  • Klaus Schmerler

    Researcher, School of Law, Economics and Business ,Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg
  • Ki Nam Jin

    Professor, Dept of Health Administration, Yonsei University
  • Ranjit Dhindsa

    CEO / Co-Founder, ASTUTR (My Seoul Secret)
  • Neil Lunt

    Professor, Department of Social Policy and Social Work, University of York
  • Maria Kniazeva

    Professor of Marketing, University of San Diego Business School

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  • Bo-mi Shin

    Associate professor, Department of Dental hygiene, College of Dentistry, Gangneung-Wonju National University
  • Sunok Jang

    Associate professor, Department of Dental Hygiene, Hallympolytechnic university
  • Aoi Tanaka

    Dental Hygienist, Shanghai Malo clinic i smile dental
  • Baek il Kim

    Professor and Chair, Department of Preventive Dentistry and Public Oral Health, Yonsei University College of Dentistry

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  • Ilya Sleptsov

    Chief of Endocrine surgery and endocrinology service, University clinic, St.Petersburg State University
  • Rimma Bazarbekova

    Head of Endocrinology Department, Kazakh Medical Continuing Education University
  • Purevdorj Gundsamba

    Head of Head & Neck Surgical Department, National Cancer Center
  • Kim Jeongsu

    Professor, College of Medicine of the Catholic University
  • Viktor Makarin

    Chief,University clinic, Saint Petersburg State University
  • Vyacheslav shegay

    Head of the Department of Surgery, “SUNKAR” Medical Company
  • Odontungalag Tseveensuren

    Head of Head & National Cancer Center
  • Hang-Seok Chang

    Professor, Surgery of Yonsei University

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  • Undarmaa Batbayr

    Member of the National Assembly, Mongolia
  • Young Moon Chae

    Honorary Professor, Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences, Yonsei University
  • Badar-uugan Enkbat

    Secretary-General, Mongolian Olympic committee
  • Gombodorj Zorigtbaatar

    Specialist, Olympic education/ Mongolian Olympic committee
  • Nasanbat Chuluun

    Director, Division of Sport Medicine and Research/ Physical Culture and Sports Authority
  • Jeongku Ha

    Professor, Inje University Paik Hospital
  • SangHoon Lee

    Chairman, Society of Nerve, Ligament & Tendon Injury

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  • Bharat Aggarwal

    Director,Inflammation Research Center
  • Massimo Bonucci

    Chief, Integrative Oncology, Villa Benedetta Hospital
  • Seong Woo Yoon

    Professor, Korean Cancer Center , Kyung Hee University Hospital at Gangdong
  • Shi liang Li

    Director of department, China-Japan Friendship Hospital
  • Chang Qing Guo

    Chief of Physician, Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Geonmok Lee

    Director , Leegeonmok Wonli Acupuncture Oriental Medicine Hospital